Trust Administration

HH Law provides trust administration representation for trustees so you can navigate your role as a trustee with expert guidance in the state of Florida. More than knowing the law, we understand the weight of responsibility placed on you as a trustee following the death of a trust's settlor. Our role is to guide and support you through every step of the trust administration process, ensuring compliance with Florida law and the trust's terms.
Your Journey as a Trustee Begins Here. Being named a trustee is an honor, but it also comes with significant duties and legal obligations, especially after the settlor's passing. Our experienced team is here to help you navigate these responsibilities with confidence and legal prudence.

What are the Key Steps in Trust Administration for Trustees?

  • Understanding the Trust

    We start by helping you understand the trust document. It's crucial to comprehend the settlor's intentions and the specific instructions laid out for managing and distributing the trust's assets.

  • Inventory and Management of Trust Assets

    We assist with inventorying the trust's assets, ensuring accurate valuation, and managing them in accordance with the trust's directives and Florida law.

  • Legal and Tax Compliance

    As a trustee, you're entrusted with the critical responsibility of ensuring legal and tax compliance for the trust all while balancing the beneficiaries demands and personalities. In Florida, this involves adhering to the Florida Trust Code, particularly Chapter 736 of the Florida Statutes. This comprehensive code covers various aspects of trust administration, including:
    ● Duties and Powers of Trustees: Chapter 736.0801 - 736.0817 outlines the responsibilities and authorities granted to trustees, ensuring that they act in the best interests of the beneficiaries and in accordance with the settlor's wishes.
    ● Trustee’s Duty to Inform and Account: Under sections 736.0813 and 736.08135, trustees are required to keep beneficiaries reasonably informed about the trust and its administration. This includes providing annual accounting and updates on trust activities.
    ● Tax Reporting and Filing: Complying with state and federal tax laws is a pivotal part of trust administration. This includes preparing and filing necessary tax documents in a timely manner.

  •  Effective Beneficiary Communication

    Communication with beneficiaries can be challenging. We guide you in fulfilling your duty to keep beneficiaries informed, addressing their concerns, and managing their expectations in line with the trust's terms.

  • Asset Distribution

    Distributing the trust's assets properly and timely is a critical task. We ensure that distributions are made accurately and efficiently, in compliance with the trust document and Florida law.

  • Ongoing Support and Advice

    Throughout the trust administration process, we provide ongoing support and advice, helping you fulfill your role as trustee with diligence and integrity.

 We are ready to answer your questions and assist you. If you've been named a trustee and need assistance in administering a trust in Florida, HH LAW is here to guide you. Contact us for a comprehensive consultation and let us help you navigate this important responsibility with ease and confidence.